SurgeCardInfo is a virtual play where you can easily have a look at your financial activities. Moreover, SurgeCardInfo also provides you with credit card services, which are quite useful for you.

Know More About SurgeCardInfo


  • SurgeCardInfo is an online platform where you can create your account and get access to it from its customer through SurgeCardInfo’s service.
  • The Surge MasterCard belongs to Celtic Bank and is accustomed in such a way that it can help to improve their credit ratings too. 
  • It is created for all the customers who either have poor or no credit ratings. All you have to do is to log in on the official website of SurgeCardInfo, i.e.,
  • You can get your Surge card issued by Continental and get all the best deals with it. Credit cards also play a role in raising your credit score, but they are expensive.
  • If you are still paying the charges regularly for the second year, then you also will have to pay monthly maintenance fees, too.
  • Due to the high rate of interest, increasing your credit limits seems the last and a convenient solution. However, depending on your credit card’s rating, you may have to pay a hefty fee per annum. 
  • Depending upon your credit card’s rating, you may have to pay a hefty fee per annum. 
  • Due to the high rate of interest, increasing your credit limits seems the last and a convenient solution.
  • Other users who are authorized can make purchases via a cash advance, and fees associated with transactions can be done out of your country, too, with SurgeCardInfo.
  • You can also track your credit card order and check whether you can pre-qualify in a minute by using SurgeCardInfo
  • With all these services, the only concern is the annual charge for the unsecured credit card, which is a bit high.

You can easily get your Surge credit card and start using it. But keep in mind that it will only work after you have gotten the card activated online. 

How To Activate A Surge Credit Card?

However, once you activate the services of your credit card online, you can start accessing it. For that, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Open your web browser or safari and visit the SurgeCardInfo page. You will automatically be directed to the Surge Credit Card activation window.
  • Now, the activation window will appear on your screen, and you have to enter the following three credentials:
  1. Last 4 of credit card
  2. Last digit of the zip code
  3. Last 4 of SSN
  • After uploading these essentials, you may click on “Activate My Card,” and now, within a few moments, your card services will be activated.
  • By visiting the official website of SurgeCardInfo, anyone can create an account online or log in to the existing one.

Benefits of SurgeCardInfo

There are a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of while using SurgeCardInfo’s login page.

  • No extra charges for any unlawful transaction 

If, in any case, there is any unlawful or illegal transaction that has happened through SurgeCardInfo, then you don’t have to worry about that. You will not be responsible for the fees regarding the same.

  • Transactions will be reported monthly

All your monthly transactions will be reported to the agencies which are accepted by SurgeCardInfo. There are mainly three credit reporting agencies that will look after the process of same i.e.., TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

  • Join the eStatements service

While joining the eStatements service, you can easily get access to the Experian Vantage 3.0 credit without paying any extra cost.

  • Get a chance to increase your credit line

On SurgeCardInfo, there may be an upsurge in your credit limit after a period of 6 months if all of your payments are cleared on time.

  • SurgeCardInfo is open to all

On SurgeCardInfo, candidates with all the forms of credit are accepted. Therefore, you will not face any disruption whether you have low, reasonable, or limited credit.

  • Good place to begin

On SurgeCardInfo, you get a limit of $300 on the credit card with high -risk credit card, which is quite a good offer for the users.

  • Track your account online

Once you have registered on SurgeCardInfo, you become eligible to have a look at your account balance; you can carry on with your online payments and receive electronic statements regarding the same easily.

  • Credit line increase available

After using your Surge Credit Card for six months responsibly and carefully, you may get an increase in your credit line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I check my transactions online on SurgeCardInfo?

Yes, absolutely; you can easily track all your transactions online and also know about your online balance, and get easy access to the electronic statement of your bank account. Just visit the official page of SurgeCardInfo, i.e.,, and track your financial activities.

How can I use my Surge credit card?

You can’t access your immediately; for that, you need first activate the services for your card. You will receive your activation information on the official portal of SurgeCardInfo. You can use your Surge Credit card once you have activated it.

If my credit limit is low, can I get access to SurgeCardInfo?

Yes, absolutely, that’s the major advantage for the users of SurgeCardInfo. Whether you have a low limit or reasonable, you can easily access SurgeCardInfo’s services. SurgeCardInfo is there for every candidate.

Can I get my credit line increased?

Yes, you can get your credit line limit increased on SurgeCardInfo.It is quite a simple process to follow once you have used your Surge Credit Card for six months responsibly. After that, you become eligible to get your credit line increased. 

How can I get my Surge Credit Card canceled?

To get your Surge Credit canceled, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • Dial 866-449-4514, which is the customer care service number of SurgeCardInfo.
  • Now, to proceed further with the cancellation process, the representative of SurgeCardInfo will require to verify your identity by checking the last four digits of the social security number you have set up and your account number.
  • The process for cancellation of your Surge Credit Card is completed hereafter.


SurgeCardInfo is an online service open to all kinds of consumers. So you don’t have to worry about your credit limit. Also, there are some additional advantages that you can get once you have got yourself a credit card from SurgeCardInfo

Based on your regular payments, you may also become eligible for an increase in your credit line. With SurgeCardInfo, there also may be improvements in the credit score. You can get yourself a Surge credit card issued from a Continental bank and also easily get online access to all your transactions. 

All your monthly transactions will be reported to the trusted and accepted agencies of SurgeCardInfo. They keep whole track records of your transactions. Also, you can avail of the services of Electronic statements with SurgeCardInfo easily.

With, SurgeCardInfo, it has become quite accessible for every candidate to track their financial process and get a track record. You can also get the services by visiting the official website and begin with the process now.